Keep Your Car in Shape This Season With Spring Auto Service

Although it may not feel like it yet, spring has officially arrived. Once we get through these last few snowy days and the weather starts to warm up, your car will be ready for its spring auto service. To make sure your car is in great shape for this season, it will need the following services:

Wheel balance: The potholes and rough roads your car has been dealing with all winter can knock your wheels off balance. A wheel balance will help keep your handling smooth and sharp.
Suspension check: Those rough roads can also do a number of your suspension, so be sure to have it checked.

Battery check or replacement: Your battery can be drained and damaged by the cold, so be sure to have it checked, then replaced if necessary so your car can start seamlessly this season.

Wiper blade replacement: Wiper blades can wear and crack from winter use, so be sure to have them replaced in time for spring rain showers.

Tire change and inflation: Once the snow melts for the season, be sure to replace your snow tires with regular ones. If you don’t have snow tires, be sure to check and adjust your tire pressure as the temperature changes for optimal handling.
Once the weather finally starts warming up and you’re ready for your spring auto service, be sure to make an appointment at our Frederick, MD service center. We will gladly take care of your spring service needs so your car can keep running smoothly all season.

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