When Should You Switch from Winter Tires to Summer Tires?

Once the weather starts to warm up, Frederick drivers start thinking about their spring driving adventures. And to make sure your car is ready for those adventures, it’s important to switch out of your winter tires and into your summer tires. But when is the right time to make the switch?

While there’s no specific time when you need to have your tires changed from winter to summer, it’s a good idea to have it done when the temperature is above 45 degrees consistently, with no more temps below freezing at night. For those of us in Frederick, that probably means swapping out your tires in the next few weeks.

It’s important to get the timing right when you change from winter to summer tires. If you switch too soon, you might get stuck in snowy, cold conditions that your summer tires can’t handle, and end up with a slippery ride. If you wait too long, running in warmer weather could damage your snow tires.

At our service center, we can take care of all your tire needs. We will answer your questions about the best time to put on your summer tires, and we can help you find the tires that best suit your vehicle at our tire center. Then our skilled technicians can mount those tires for you. We have years of experience, and you can count on us to get the job done right.

When you’re ready to switch to summer tires, feel free to contact us. We will gladly help you find the tires that are perfect for your vehicle, and we will mount them for you just in time for spring. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have in the meantime.

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